Dawn Fletcher M.Ed
Special Education Consultant

What is the W-J III?

    The procedures followed in  the development and standarizing of the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement  (WJ III ACH) have produced an instrument that can be used with confidence in a variety of settings. The wide age range and breadth of coverage allows the tests to be used for educational, clinical, or research purposes from preschool to the geriatric level. 
    There are eight primary uses of the WJ III ACH. An examiner may use this assessment to describe and determine the present status of an individual's academic strengths and weaknesses. The WJ III can also be used to determine discrepancies in a students ability versus performance. 
    When combined with behavioral observations, work samples, and other pertinent information, WJ III ACH results will help the examiner make decisions regarding educational programming. The test results demonstrate a student's most appropriate instructional level and the types of services that may be needed. The WJ III ACH can also assist in vocational planning, particurlarly when successful job performence depends on specific types of skills-such as reading, writing, or mathematics performance. 
    The WJ III results can also be useful in setting instructional goals when developing an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) or in recommending accommodations or curricular adjustments for an individual. It will provide valuable information to assist parents in understanding their child's particular academic problems or needs. 
    The WJ III can provide a record of functioning and growth throughout an individuals lifetime. It may also be used to assess changes in a person's performance following a specific time interval such as after a year of receiving special education services. In this way, it can provide information regarding program effectiveness at all levels of education from preschool through adult. 
    It is important to note that the WJ III cannot be used as the sole assessment in formulating a diagnosis.
            *Exerpts taken from WJ III Tests of Achievement Examiner's Manual      
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